IGREA Gets 36th Cosponsor on Eve of Casino Gambling Web Trip to D.C.

On the eve of Casino Gambling Web’s trip to Washington, D.C., another Congressman signed on to co-sponsor bill H.R. 2046.

Robert C. “Bobby” Scott, from Virginia’s 3rd District, signed on to co-sponsor Chairman Barney Frank’s Internet Gambling & Regulation Enforcement Act (IGREA), bringing the total number of co-sponsors to 36.

“We are going to personally thank him while we are in D.C., and we encourage all of the PPA members living in his District to do the same by writing a note of thanks, or calling his office and congratulating him for taking the right stance on American Freedoms,” said a representative from Casino Gambling Web early Sunday morning.

Congressman Scott joins millions of Americans who have expressed their dissent against the UIGEA.

“Our biggest push will be to say that we must regulate Internet gambling in order to protect society from the perils that surround the industry,” said one Casino Gambling Web about their trip to the nation’s capitol, “and we believe that once a congressman understands this they will see it as common sense to sign on to Mr. Frank’s Bill.”

As more legislators are becoming aware of the underhanded way the UIGEA was passed into law, and the damage it is doing worldwide, the projected cost to every American, as well as the risk this prohibition has placed on the underage gambler and problem gambler, more are looking for ways to better control these events, the rep said.

Congressman Frank’s bill (IGREA) provides for safeguards against fraud, underage gambling, problem gambling, and money laundering. It allows states, sports leagues, and tribal entities to exclude themselves from this activity if they so choose. It gives Americans part of their lost freedoms back. And it will be amended to comply with WTO trade agreements which the US is currently violating.

Casino Gambling Web (CGW) has prepared an informational packet which includes testimony both for and against Internet Gambling, statements from affected Americans and a CD which includes the entire testimony from a hearing held in June by the House Financial Services Committee, the entire petition they sponsored complete with signatures and comments, plus studies done by South Africa and Harvard University.

CGW reps will be meeting with Safe and Secure Internet, The National Council on Problem Gambling and others as they go out to deliver their packets to every single Congressmen and Senator on Capitol Hill.