Illegal Gambling Bust Nets 17 Video Machines

August 15,

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While people who are involved with illegal gambling machines watch the raids that are taking place around the country, they must begin to worry. Could they be next?

The latest raid came in East Montgomery County. The raid led to the arrest of eight people, all accused of being involved in an organized crime organization.

The raid took place across two establishments, and one residence. “Taj Mahal”, and “Sugars”, were raided in the early morning on Tuesday, as owners were opening up. The residence was the house of one of the operators of the illegal gambling operation.

The operation was run by an organization in North Carolina, and police were not yet done rounding up the suspects. Two others were negotiating their surrender to police.

Many people that were gambling at these illegal locations were also not happy to hear the news of the bust. The police seized records with names of all of the operations clients. Police are not keeping that information to themselves, either.

“Information gathered during the investigation will be forwarded to the Internal Revenue Service and other federal agencies. we’re pursuing more warrants and more indictments for engaging in organized criminal activity,” said Lt. Phillip Cash.

Senate In Iowa Considering Bill To Lower Gambling Treatment Funds

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Politicians are again working to make sure they contradict themselves. Lawmakers have argued for years that not enough treatment centers are available. They have used that fact to oppose Bills that would expand gambling.

Now, in Iowa, the state Senate is considering a Bill that would reduce the amount of spending on gambling treatment by the state. The Bill comes at a time when revenue from state casinos is at an all time high.

When asked why they are considering dropping the money spent almost in half, Senator Jack Hatch had this to say, “We thought it was too high”. He went on to claim that he felt treatment for problem gamblers could be done cheaper.

No plan is in place that actually supports his claim that the treatment can be done cheaper. The Senate has plans to take the money allotted for the gambling treatment, and use it for alcohol and drug treatment.

The gambling money treatment does not all come from the state. In fact, most of the money comes from taxes that casinos currently are paying. Tax money that was intended to help problem gamblers, not drug or alcohol addicts.

The proposed Bill would cut $3 million off of the current funding for gambling treatment. That would leave just over $2 million to continue to go towards the treatment.

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