IGREA Gets 40th Co-Sponsor Following PPA Trip tp DC

June 8,

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Congressman Jim Moran [VA-8] became the 40th co-sponsor of Barney Frank’s bill H.R.2046, the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act( IGREA), bringing the total to 41, including Frank.

Rep. Moran is serving his 9th term in the House, representing Alexandria, Falls Church, Reston, Arlington County, and parts of Fairfax County. Currently, Rep. Moran is a member of the House Appropriations committee, serving on the sub-committees of Defense and Interior. He is also a co-founder of the New Democrat Coalition, a group of approximately 75 centrist House Democrats that are committed to free trade, technology, fiscal responsibility and maintaining America’s security and economic competitiveness.

Rep. Moran is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs with a master’s degree in Public Administration. Rep. Moran is an active leader on issues ranging from the environment to woman’s issues, open trade and fiscal discipline, and human rights issues.

The UIGEA, which was sneakily added to a must pass bill without debate by then Sen. Bill Frist, who was clearly acting on behalf of special interest groups within the gambling industry, passed into law last year. The UIGEA did not change any laws on gambling and was clearly designed to prevent offshore companies from providing this trade in service by banning the transfer of money to and from legitimate Internet gambling sites. It also was designed to restrict certain freedoms of choice to Americans

In addition, the UIGEA did exactly what it was trying to prevent. It forced honest, publicly traded companies from the domestic market and has left the American people vulnerable. The IGREA does not repeal this law, however, it does in fact provide a logical, fair method of licensing and regulation, as well as provide protections for problem gamblers and prevention of underage gambling. The IGREA also satisfies violations at the WTO, which found the U.S. to be acting in a protectionist manner as it allows this type of gambling for domestic companies and restricts foreign companies from competing.

As always we ask you to call Rep. Moran at: 202-225-4376, or write to him at his Alexandria Office at: 333 M. Fairfax St., Alexandria, Va. 22314 to thank him for his support on this issue, and encourage him to actively speak to others in congress on behalf of all Americans to support this bill.

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